Monday, 28 December 2009

Jeff Jarvis and wwgd

Jeff Jarvis thinks in the new Google driven world privacy is dead and only total transparency can prevail which will improve the collaborative experience . He practices what he preaches. For example he explains he has blogged about his rare heart condition. Mr Jarvis perhaps you can tell us whether you have painful haemorrhoids too? And did you have sex with your partner last night? Which position did you primarily use? Oh...where do you then draw the line on privacy?

Mr Jarvis like all public media spokespersons are talking their book. If privacy dies they have more to write about. Investigative journalism becomes easier. I would like to think the human species can transform into a thronging common sentience. One giant being made up of all living people (and through their blogs, dead people too). But evolution will prevent such an outcome, because for all those nice collaborative vegetarians out there, there will be an omnivore who will devour them at will and we will end up with a group of oligarchs that exploit transparency rather than join it. A bit like certain media empires today. A show of hands please, who wants to be Rupert Murdoch?

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