Wednesday, 25 May 2011

SS Inc. structurally bullish on horse-manure

Rogan Josh, senior analyst at Stoleman Scraps Inc. (SSI) said in telephone interview earlier today that the latest correction on horse-manure, and general BS, was likely over and current levels provided an excellent opportunity to go long. Josh explained demand for BS was insatiable and despite the current glut, strong demand would tighten the balance to critical levels by year-end. Mr Josh deflected familiar accusations that traders at SSI had pre-positioned their books to be long BS prior to the research release by explaining, "Look as a firm we have always been structurally long BS, and always will be, but that is what clients have come to expect of us and we need to be positioned to serve them best. In any case, with interest rates continuing at record lows, where else would you put your money? BS provides truly unparalleled opportunities for asset diversification in a traditional portfolio of financial excrement". Many other other Wall Street houses also involved in the distribution of BS, released new research supporting its medium term bullish fundamentals.

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