Saturday, 18 October 2008

A drop of water

This prize-winning image is worth sharing with those who need further convincing that our planetary resources are scarce and precious. 

And their scarcity value can only increase if the human population grows larger. Which it inevitably will. The impending mother of all recessions will not help. What happens when people are unemployed or underemployed? They inevitably spend more time in bed with or without bedfellows. Why do you think our Eastern European neighbours have such a liberal attitude to sex? Or indeed the Cubans. Sex takes away the boredom from neither having much to to do nor any money to spend. If you think recreational sex is the pastime afforded mainly to the moneyed classes consider how populations have grown so large in nations as impoverished as India? 

OK that is a tangential point. Resources: It is important to differentiate. Oil and gas may be replaced by solar panels, wind turbines, tidal power and nuclear. But what will supplant water?

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