Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gordon Gekko

I should qualify my previous appparent trumpet-blowing for Gordon Gekko. I have in fact never bought into unbridled capitalism from the very first day I put on my sartorial grey suit, Church's black brogues and pale blue Hermes tie and was waved through the barbarians' gates.  I always felt I was going deep undercover but as I had been asked to join a big and exclusive party it would have been foolish not to turn up.  However I had remained sceptical that the party would go on forever, which is why I am not shocked that it has ended. I was waiting to be bounced out or have the police turn up and close it down for the the huge disturbance it was causing to the middle class neighbourhood much earlier. I was happy to remain the paradox. Happy to have everyone blow hard into the gigantic  bubble and inflate it for my own ends yet aware and almost wishing someone just came and stuck a large needle into it. This is because I did not enjoy the company of other revellers. There remained a dissonance between healthy scepticism and base greed and this became a cacophony about a year ago. I am actually relieved the needles are in. Even so. Gordon Gekko will remain as real a fictitous character as ever.

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